AE. School exercises

Hello friends! well i don't bring yet some classical animation exercises, still all in paper and in CTP linetest's well today i bring some short animation i made for school exercise.. teacher said he want to us to do some animation with 3 animation principles, antecipation, exageration and follow through.. that was my entry ahah, and he said to me "Greatt that's is really Great" Thank you!


Pensa simples

Think simple, that the meaning of "pensa simples" well this design is a wake up design, i wake up, late again and open illustrator and start to design and why think simple? well i'm kind envolved in the pre-production of my 2ºyear graduation short film. and well the first meeting was in the last friday and today is another one.. we will start to decide the concept art of the characther who will be my responsability (i choose that) i'm not such good animator*

"A friend told me "i see you like a designer not so much like animator, and i said but i want to be bought, and he said so be a motion designer, sounds me great"



hey! friends, well UrbanStyles is link a T-shirt company in Pakistan where i work like a freelance. for an Year or something. and they remodeled their site! check it out! and if you are from pakistan you can buy it with no shipping costs



i there my fellows!

well i dnt update this for a long time, but well today is a good day for no reason apparently.. but well i wakeup 3:00Pm take classes 6pm to 8pm, sounds great and lazy but well i'm working since i arrived home and still on that!
so i bring today some project's of school!
this is kind a storyboard for my project of class of AE. teacher ask for us to make an animation with the 3principles of animation!, Antecipation, Exageration and FollowThroug. Well that's kind a easy and simple but well i want to trie make something eyecandy*

My 5*second project Airplane ( you can see in my last post's) is kind running of.. alot of techinical problems and this is kind a collab. with Kizay and well he got is stuff to do and that's why it's taking so long.

Maybe i will stop a little in this project's beacause i got some linetest to do at school (classical animation) And got some freelance work for do, for my clientele ( i think i can say that) i'm helping my girlfriend to in a Freelance work for a Hair Studio in Venezuela, my girl is making a Giant Billboard ( 1m x 6m )
Keep rocking my Star*


Amadora BD!

Amandora BD is a comic book exhibition in Lisbon and my university friends Kizay and Rah (their's strange and cool name's. for real this guys names is André & Ricardo ahah) well this mates had the luck to be there for my unlucky i can't (money problems - Again!) well this guys had the lucky of bougth live in lisbon and i live in Aveiro (300km farway from there) but i asked for photos and kizay show me some. I don't ask him yet but i will show to you guys some really cool photos. Pardon me Kizay!

here's come 2 photos!

The ASH cell is my favourite! i remeber Pokemon first serie and i love for me is the best one.


simple shapes

for these day's i'm trying to make design's and illustration with simple shapes, some influence of Chris Lee! (google it, this guy is the Art Director of BUCK.TV) and well it's really cool use simple shapes for work. kind of limited but make you work more in the concept