character concept

Designed at BAND
Character concept of Icarus. 

// Nunca viu a luz do dia, apenas virou mais um arquivo no HD.


2 months sabbatical

I've taken a 2 month sabbatical ( interrupted for one week for helping some friends at a big project with crazy deadline).. i mostly take this sabbatical idea from Stefan Sagmeister, and his 1 year sabbatical every 7 years.. 

Beside that one week, i didn't work for any client.. just spend the time on thinking and traveling.. i went for a full week at Minas Gerais, a very green place with alot of waterfalls.. awesome experience.. than spend the rest of july in my apartment in São Paulo, i've visited my young brother who live far away from me.. and take a plane to Portugal to visit my mother... tomorrow i'm comming back to São Paulo. 

Full of energy, full of ideas and only planning tomorrow.. 
Thanks to everyone, for everything, all the beers, all the great food !

The resume of this sabbatical is your first, learn to forgive yourself, and don't lose today planning tomorrow

Until the next one!

SET rebranding pitch

Art Direction & Design 
Designed at Lobo