this is my favourite board of the "X" project i'm working on (Live action short Film,shoted in New York).

why X? i cant say the name now : / ahah director's demands. but it's ok to share this piece.

it will be great, just wait! it's alot of hardwork in this project but is awesome to be Part of such BIG project.

The short film is Directed By Laminate

and the main char. is OLIVIA WILDE

I'm the Storyboard Artist.
and this piece was the most easy to do but the most impressive to me, i liked it.

Ad's Break - Yellowtube by Marcos Silva

at Poland, in Tishy.
broadcasting on a 15 square meters LED SCREEN

yeeah i did it :)!!



this is a collaboration with Auri Ferrer
a great tradicional Artist with wounderfull skills. check out his work*
we created this piece in our freetime during almost 4 days.

it's was hard but is finished.

keep rocking


Terrible @ ComputerArts Brasil

i just had been contacted by ComputerArt's Brasil for exposure the Illustration Terrible at Portfolio Section in the magazine