back in the floor

Hello my friends!

well i'm kind working in this days and have some to show to you guy's.. some print screen of my last Animation project with colab. with Kizay he modeled to me on airplane nothing hard just for trie to work with this guy, i also modeled some kind of Hindu Soldier, inside z-brush all was made in Zbrush with that gorgeous Z-spheres
in this project i made the scenary and all the concepts and all the work inside AE , inside maya was my friend Kizay.
This was the 3d sketch model i made inside zbrush, i love zbrush! the Anatomy studies at university helped too.

This piece was made today while i working in some classical animation exercices, the metarmofosis and the bouncing ball.
is some geometric style with my name there, MASDE

well friends that's all for now! cya


hi there!

hello my fellas Artist's, Designer's, illustrators, and humans. Masd is back!, sorry for don't post for a while, but well i don't have internet yet, just for the next month.

Well, in this weekend i was in Animatu "International Animation Festival" and was really great! a lot of interesting people from animation and film industrie, was very great! lot's of talk's about animation, meetings of the Studios and school's! and in the night was really Wow, all the people "director's, teachers, Artist's, designer's and all the people of the creative industrie together for a couple of beer's and watch some demoscenes from that crazy programmers from demoscenes

i also used a Wacom Cintiq! YES A CINTIQ!

That's is me sketching, i want one like that! The Stand where the Cintiq was is from Odd School


Worms the Movie / Minhocas o Filme

hi there!

well i'm here today not for show some work! i know i'm getting lazy and so, yes i know but i'm starting a new projecto while i'm producing my 2year final project Short Film! prepare for that ahah, well comeback to the title of the post "Worms the Movie / Minhocas o Filme" is a greeeaat Animation Movie who are being created in my mothercountry BRAZIL! and well it's will be gorgeus! i following the production Blog and ow! One bad thing is, for people who don't know Portuguese :x it's impossible to read

Production Blog


1º weekend at univ.

Hi there!

well i know for a guy who was produced a short animation in 8 days, this days i'm kind not productive, this was my first week at university, and i'm really tired! and don't do nothing good or productive. For any reason i don't know why when i move to university my production level get very low and weak. i trie to understand and i guess is for be creative and productive you have to be in a place productive and creative!
actually i'm doing a work in drawn classes of Anatomy, and well i think it will be great, i have some work allready done and tomorrow i take some photoshots and post here for you see my bigg incapacity of drawing anatomy!

keepp freaking rocking!


School news!

hi there friends!

today i just i had my first class of After effects at university, well was just an introduce to the class program and to Ae, for the 95% of the people in my class who never eared about after effects.
The teacher spend some time showing some Motiongraphics demoreels and talking about what we can do with after effects!

was good i promiss a good mark on the class, and cool project's ;)

>Cya my friends!
keep rocking!