back in the floor

Hello my friends!

well i'm kind working in this days and have some to show to you guy's.. some print screen of my last Animation project with colab. with Kizay he modeled to me on airplane nothing hard just for trie to work with this guy, i also modeled some kind of Hindu Soldier, inside z-brush all was made in Zbrush with that gorgeous Z-spheres
in this project i made the scenary and all the concepts and all the work inside AE , inside maya was my friend Kizay.
This was the 3d sketch model i made inside zbrush, i love zbrush! the Anatomy studies at university helped too.

This piece was made today while i working in some classical animation exercices, the metarmofosis and the bouncing ball.
is some geometric style with my name there, MASDE

well friends that's all for now! cya

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