The process behinde the concept

Olá a todos! Estou aqui para mostrar um pouco de um "making of" da maneira como eu trabalho em um concept art.

Hello everybody! i'm here to show some behinde the scenes ahah
Only the way i work for Hello Dad Short Film concept Art.

The first sketch who i emailed to my Team for Approval and critic's & ideas!

After Approval i start to paint all with base colour's and modify some stuff who me and my team decided.
After Base colours is time to lighting and Shading! Drawing light and shadows is kind a hard we real have to figure out how the light will been and how it will afects diferents materials like textiles/ Glass/ wood ect.

All colours and lightning & shadowns done! is time to texture the cenary turn it to more detailed room.



ahah a little talk bout technologie at my blog*

Apple Ipad is a garanted success at Market, yes is it. Apple Store don't accept more pre-orders of imediat delivery, and the studies about the sellings allready had been passed Ipad will sell more than Apple though in the begining . For good seems like all world is waiting for this device!!
Alots of Critics at this device about for not running multitasking and stuff like flash suport seems not be a problem for all Apple Fans and addicteds.

For real if i had money i have no doubt i bought one. It's a Apple product for sure it will be Great. today i was at my cousin new house with a couple of friends from high school e we are all Apple fans and we talked about a friend of our who still using a IBOOK G3 from 1997 for doing is normal stuff like brownsing at web read email and all the normal stuff girl's do. isn't that amaizing? yes mate is an Apple! how many pc's you got from 1997 who still runnig like the first day you bought it?

That's what i mean :)



awesome movement who defend's every year we have to turn of all the lights in our home and cities to let the EARTH BREATH for a little. is the second year i'm defending this cause and please enjoy me and US ( the community who allways are suporting EARTH)

Once when i was i child somebody asked me about, what i want to do when i grow up. And i said i want to save the EARTH.

I'm sure you said something equal or just with the same idea no?

let's do it is our time!


Short Film Char. Design

Finally i finished my first concept's and cleaning of the Character for my short film in production.

check it out.


GEAR Up Festival - Sound & Interactive Media

Paulo Fortuna, Student of Multimedia Design at University of Beira Interior- Faculty of Arts and Letters contacted me about this awesome event who will run at City of Covilhã, Portugal.

GEAR Up Festival is an event based on a series of talks, demos and work-in-progress works, whose mission is to promote, develop and share practice based research methodologies, experiences and practices in the field of academic research.

Each edition will work up on specific research area. Sound and Interactive Media is the chosen one where artists and designers will share how their practice influences their research.

Oficial website


I'm not Dead

PT: Olá amigos e leitos do meu blog!

Eu não estou morto, este blog esta meio no abandono por enquanto devido a uma certa falta de tempo ultimamente q tem havido na minha vida ahah.
O curta de projecto 1 de Segundo Ano de facul ja começou a ser produzido!
Fase do concept agora! aquela que me cabe, estive desenhando e esboçando quase 30 personagens ultimamente para a curta, parece muito mas são só 5 personagens que tem a curta mas eles evelhecem e isso leva a um desenho novo. Após disso Cenários!! Os membros do meu grupo ja estão em pesquisa de referências dos cenários enquanto eu termino esses personagens.
Além do curta tou a fazer freelancing, 3 no total fora um que ainda está pendente.

Assim que der coloco aqui algumas imagens dos primeiros concepts do Curta e claro dos meus trabalhos em execução.

EN: Hello friends and blog reader's

I'm not dead! I know i let my blog alone for a few days, because i don't have much time in the last days.
I started my Short Film at University, and it is at concept and design characther's step, wich is one of my roles.
Besides i'm working in freelance doing illustration and for the first time Motion Design! Crazy hun..



hi there! for a long time i dont write nothing around here. My bad. thoses weeks were crazy, i got to render out again one work, and start to finalize the illustration for Glazed tiles Miami and well no much time to enjoi the internet.

wednesday i will visit some expo. of Illustration in Lisbon, i hope i learn something there.

Enjoy my fellas and reader.Marcos Silva will come again soon.



Running in Cargo

i had been invited by Cargo Colletive to make part and use that powerfull WebPortfolio.

my link to Cargo

my first MAC

other day, while i were cleaning my computer and orgazining. i Found this Particular photo! This was my FIRST MAC when i attendet to Art School, an ibook g4 greaat and powerfull! still's working like a chinese (never stop) a 800 mhz processor 256mb ram 30HD ahah sounds very poor and crap in this days but remeber was in 2002-2003 when i bought it! 7 year's never crashed never had been formated, well is a MAC what can i say? MAC is Just MAC no more arguments.


My work in Asian web video stream sites

ahah was so fun find my work in a Chinese Stream site ahah i don't understand a piece, but still so fun,
Thanks for the dude who added it!