ahah a little talk bout technologie at my blog*

Apple Ipad is a garanted success at Market, yes is it. Apple Store don't accept more pre-orders of imediat delivery, and the studies about the sellings allready had been passed Ipad will sell more than Apple though in the begining . For good seems like all world is waiting for this device!!
Alots of Critics at this device about for not running multitasking and stuff like flash suport seems not be a problem for all Apple Fans and addicteds.

For real if i had money i have no doubt i bought one. It's a Apple product for sure it will be Great. today i was at my cousin new house with a couple of friends from high school e we are all Apple fans and we talked about a friend of our who still using a IBOOK G3 from 1997 for doing is normal stuff like brownsing at web read email and all the normal stuff girl's do. isn't that amaizing? yes mate is an Apple! how many pc's you got from 1997 who still runnig like the first day you bought it?

That's what i mean :)

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