my first day at classical animation classes

Hi there friends!

today i got my first class of classical animation at school! and was great, the teacher is great i know him long time ago but never get classes with he. His name is Armando Coelho is a famous animator at my country. he actually runs a animation studio named Bang Bang animation studio they create short's animation for tv in portugal and also for FOX Universal. i got 3 diferent classes with him, classical animation, animation techinqes, Story for Animation , its really great!

well i also allready made a illustration with Livebrush! its really an awesome "plugin" for illustrators and graphic designer's



Hi there my fellas animation/design lovers!
sorry for don't post here for 2 days. i'm in university now, and don't have internet connection in my room for now! kind a suck, maybe friday i get some internet for me ahah. This new year is running cool, alot of freshman's in Animation degree! and well let's prank this boys and girls!

i bring the HD version of my last project. is kind a big file and download but it's much better than the other screen cap. version who i posted in the last post.

keeep rocking!



hey folks!

well nothing new to show, i'm trying to create a piece in live brush and so, and i'm working at that!
Live brush was very great with me and i want to create a cool piece with that software.
So tomorrow i go travel to my University, school starts monday! 2 year is beggining! and i'm readdy to rock!

so, i will trie to keep this blog running like normal, everyday post's and new stuff u can also follow me in twitter.

cya my friends!


8days@project. Deadline

Hi friends well that's it! my personal deadline.. i could made allmost everything in the time less the sound :x i failure in that part, but well i don't feel so bad this was a 8 days project! i think it's pretty ok for the time! but i don't let this without sound i will make it in this week! for now a let you a bad preview of the final video but tomorrow i will post a HD version in vimeo.

cya fellas!

Live Brush - tester

So long i know Live brush is a new software on web for vector illustration and cool stuff, and i have a pleasure to been invited by Live Brush to test this software! take a tour in the program i guess they gave a trial version or something! and the price of the software is very nicelly too ;)



hello my friends!

seven days on the project gosh! Today i worked in Animation Curves and better timings ( a tip from Jr. Cannest, Thank you! and Guera who helped me know how to work with that A. curves Thank you guys)
well along the creation process i change a lot of stuff really! some experiênces don't result, equipent problems and so, and well maybe the final version will be a little diferent than the storyboard!
I hope tomorrow i finish my project, and make a really fast post-production, and sound design will be made in the nexts day's, well does are the time target, but well.. that's only an experiênce, a little test of my skill's about what had i learn in Ae in this hollydays. !

School begins next Monday, new projects come with that!

cyu tomorrow!



Hey fellas!

well, yesterday was sunday and i don't do anything is kind a special day for me, for rest! ahah but today i come back and spend almost 12 hours doing some rotoscopy for my project!

was almost 400 frames rotosopied in photoshop, one by one.. not big deal is just take a lot of time! but get a nice result!

check out the video for see the animation.


Abduzeedo daily Inspiration

Hi there my friends!

I'm so happy! i just wake up today for work more in my project when i see my work "Auris Vector Face" featured in Abduzeedo! that is just so great!



Hi there fellas! well
The day doesn't run well but i still have something to show!
I have this little video wich need some timings correction but i will touch it only tomorrow. for now i just go to rest.



so i said yesterday today i started to make the live action part of my project, and well don't work so well the weather isn't good, was raining and the light was a crap, i was recording in my living room when is most iluminated part of my house and well, don't work well, the video get some noise (light problems) and cromakey doesn't work so weel. was kind of boring, i tried to make it anyways spend like 5 hours on that with my brother who helped me alot, incluinding my Momy (My favorite artist :) the miss you teach me to draw), for in the final, check it and see nothing is good to work....

i will post some photos here of the scenary i mounted in my living room.

So now i will wait to tomorrow to see how the weather will be for record again, today i will just correct some erros of animations and mount some graphics in AE.



Hello friends, well today i dn't bring a lot of graphics and animation stuff, sorry, i just wake up a little late and get out house to meet my friend at downtown. and well that's was really great i don't see that guy in 1 full year and well, was great to talk about life experiêncs and Design experiêncs. and well wille i'm in downtown i bought my material for do the live action scene in my project!. So tomorrow i will start doing some video TAKES! CUT !

But well i bring to you the little work of today!

I just finish to animate this scene and resolve some bundle of PROBLEMS, when i make the render some parts who is dont supost to see apear, and well i noticed how Hard is work whit 3d layers in AE and and 3d cam and also, thats strange beacause when i made my first FULL 3d ANIMATION all inside in AE, such erros don't appear. well i spend some time trying to make it work well.I Also made a 200 frames animation in 3d, i created a box and made the MAP and animated, is just a piece who will be at my project. In the middle of the rendering this i just fall in to sleep and just wake up a few moments ago.

The video, well in the animation fault 2 ligths on the FILTER 2000 isn't allready there cuz is a old render, but i add it for be more fun, is like a red light and a green light in the machine and that interact with the animation.



Hello! New stuff for show guys! Brand new animations and vector Graphics! That's was a good day, but the weather wasn't so nice, so i decide to stay at home and don't go shopping today, i do it tomorrow and i will take some coffe with a friend,

well here are the Prtsc.

eaaasssssyyy keyframes! thousands of keyframes
I miss so much work with 2 monitors, but my brother came back from his hollydays and needed his monitor, haha

the video, Afther Effects is kind a slow beacause i'm doing the project in HDTV 1280x720

cyu tomorrow


last stuffs of the 2day

This is some PrtSc. of 2 scenes of my project in AE, they allready rigged for animation, maybe tomorrow i made some video showing that. and well it's all for the second day! I'm Kind tired and y back hurts, a lots of hours sit. Tomorrow i will stuff some stuff at the SHOP, for make a home made GREEN SCREEN muhaha and other stuff who i gonna need for my project very soon!

That's all for today, Cya!


today i bring some PrtSc. and a video! of my day work

this is some graphics i made in illustrator, brain storm part
This is a Mac OS X Interface who i made in Photoshop, all the icon are put in a diferent layer for animation later in AE.

This is another part of my animation, i made it in 3dmax 2009, is a short scene of a computer coming on and open his sheel

this video shows how the things works and are organized

Thank You



hi i'm back again to show the Storyboard and animatic of my project! i made it in all day long.. a lot of scraps around the floor of my room, many of sheets in my bed! gosh it's crazy but, here they are

attetion: animatic is not the final version! is a good way to set the time of animation and sych the sound!
and give a nice way to view how long will it be and if that is possible or not, and if not we had to cut some
parts but in this case in a personal projecto i got all time of the world haha!

This is mt little desk and my PC desktop and my favourite Mp3 Player (that's what call my old MAC G4) and that mount of paper is all the sketches and texts i write to make the Storyboad and animatic!

1day@newproject production

Hi there friends!
well i really started today doing my last summer project! and what can i say, i allready finished the storyboard! and i'm preparing for animatic!

for don't get here without nothing i bring some old story board who i made in the begining of 2008 is kind a old i know but kind i like it


Creativity process - schedule

This is my project Schedule, is kind a short time beacause i have to finish it until the classes back again.

One of the most important thing when you want to do something is make a Schedule for the work with all the steps and days! This is the first time i made one for one project for be sincer, and well in my other projects that doest exist and that was a crap! organization is very important thing when you have or want to produce something. I will trie make it in the time god help me :)

just to say hi!

Hi friends!

First i want to say thank you to all the suport of my blog vieweres! its really great see how many people see my blog and where they are from! So many countries so many cultures its so great! Thank you All!

Well i will come back with a new MotionGraphics Personal Project! yeah the final one for the Hollydays! i spend lots of time thinking in a new idea new concept! really i don't make nothing since my old project " 21"! But this one is kind a special, it will be the to get my really attention and i will trie make it much better than the old ones motion, well the old ones help me alot to understand AE, all of them help me learning a new thing! and well i feel prepared to do something great!

The theme and name is " Creativity Process" i will trie do make a "cool Shit"

war wereworlf - speed paint

hi friends! today i bring to you not a cutie colour powerfull illustration, but i bring a WAR WEREWOFL! muhaha, i made this piece very quickly, i allready have the sketch concept and just speed paint it was really fun to do! a good way to start the day! this is the first thing i made today! wake up and get my wacom and said let's paint!


Old vector work's

Hi friends! well doing some clean in my external HD i findo some of my old work, i really love them, a lot of hard work and some of them make me proud! i would like to show to you!

This one is a grandient mesh i made it for my GF, one of their gift's in their Birthday

This characthers was made a long time ago but damn it! i still love them today! really inspiring!

This was a recycle of one of my Academic works at university, i vector my own face and we have to trie to make it more realistic possible! well almost everybody made a gradient Mesh or something! But i never want to be more one, and i used the blend techinique to make shadowns and lights well result good!
I think i made this one in my second year at high School, i really like it very cute and coloured piece

Great Old times!
I hope you enjoy my friends! Thank you All


cepillo de dientes

Hi friends!

My girl friends ask me to do something for his blog, something like a Id or something and well i'm still in hollydays, lots of time and i do it for her! (L)

the first sketch was made in sketchbook PRO, with my shinee A5 wacom tablet! yeaahh A5 the medium size. and after the sketch well adobe illustrator, this incredible tool! helps me to make
this simple sketch to envolve to something colour and trace powerfull! The power of the vector!

link for her Blog


My first Live Action short Film

Hi there! well friends i'm here to show my final project of the class of AudioVisual techincs at university! well this film was made in less than one week, the team was 4 guys and we write directed, acting, recording and do all the stuff!
I'm the guy in Black with the mob sunglasses, with a funny run cycle, ( i was so nervous who i can't do nothing normally haha, when i see the way i'm running i just start to laugh a lot)! The most fun part was when we are doing the car scene (when the boy is inside the car bag, and ear some gun shots, and our teacher of the class appear of the nothing :|, was almost 2:00 A.M and we are in the most strange place of the city! and we said, Hi teacher! and he said well i'm here to see how the movie is going on! and we just start to laugh all together!

good things of this project!
- team work!
-Nice mark ( we got a 18), 0-20
-well we learn a lot of film making and the importance of Pre-production and story telling, and the storyboarrdd is got damm it IMPORTANT for we know which camera we gonna use!

Bad things:
- We don't have lot of time for post-production
-We don't work pretty well in colour correction! (don't exist)
- We don't have the best material to work


Chirstian Correia
Marcos Silva aka Masd
Juliano Guimarães
Ricardo Alburquerque

My role was, acting, post-production, and a little of directing

update de linguagem!

hey! Bem queria dizer, que a partir de hoje mudarei a linguagem do meu blog, visto apenas não ter colegas e visitiantes do meu blog apenas de paises de lingua oficial portuguesa e da maior parte dos meus contactos do Deviantart serem de outros países vou começar a postar aqui em Inglês e Português, mesmo que o meu inglês não seja dos melhores haha acho que consigo falar um pouco, o suficiente por aqui!

Abraço a todos!


workshop @ Loading with Mário Belém

Hey gente! ahah passei no site da Loading Design para ver como andavam as coisa por lá, quando me dou a ver uma noticia do WorkShop do Mário Belém que eu participai com mais 7 artistas da Zona e outros nem tanto. Eu era o unico "novato" por ali, o unico do 1º ano da faculdade, outros ja tinha acabado e trabalhavam outros tavam a acabar o curso, sentime bem perto de tantos artistas e claro ter aprendido imenso com o Ilustre Mário Belém, e sim apareço na foto, sou o 2 a contar da rapariga de branco, estou mesmo a frente dela!

Loading Design, Atlier de Design de Comunicação
Mário Belém, ilustrador Design


sixPostalhistory - getting life

No primeiro semestre do Ano na cadeira de Introdução ao Design de Comunicação desenvolvi um trabalho de Postais! a verdade que a minha primeira proposta n foi aceite, entendi mal a proposta e fiz algo pra além do que era preciso, trabalhar com simbolos, levei isso mt a letra.! Mas!!! voltei a pegar na proposta recusada e estou a desenvolver a narrativa dos postais em animação usando os ficheiros dos postais, reclicando assim dizendo haha,

Fica aqui entao o primeiro preview ;)


São alguns sketchs qe fiz nests ultimos 2 dias nada demais apenas pra passar um pouco o tempo e claro n deixar de rabiscar


ILustradores (my personal fav's)

Olá Long time no see! bem não posto aqui com regularidade mas desd do ultimo post passou um bocado! ando a passar um finais de ferias na casa de uns amigos e fico sem tempo pra estas coisas! mas a partir de amanha tudo volta ao normal. Durante a minha estadia por aqui encontrei pela net o trabalho muito bom desse jovem Ruben, é Brasileiro e de São Paulo ( háaa terra boa )
vale muito a pena ver mais do seu trabalho ;)

Ruben - São Paulo, Brasil