Hello friends, well today i dn't bring a lot of graphics and animation stuff, sorry, i just wake up a little late and get out house to meet my friend at downtown. and well that's was really great i don't see that guy in 1 full year and well, was great to talk about life experiêncs and Design experiêncs. and well wille i'm in downtown i bought my material for do the live action scene in my project!. So tomorrow i will start doing some video TAKES! CUT !

But well i bring to you the little work of today!

I just finish to animate this scene and resolve some bundle of PROBLEMS, when i make the render some parts who is dont supost to see apear, and well i noticed how Hard is work whit 3d layers in AE and and 3d cam and also, thats strange beacause when i made my first FULL 3d ANIMATION all inside in AE, such erros don't appear. well i spend some time trying to make it work well.I Also made a 200 frames animation in 3d, i created a box and made the MAP and animated, is just a piece who will be at my project. In the middle of the rendering this i just fall in to sleep and just wake up a few moments ago.

The video, well in the animation fault 2 ligths on the FILTER 2000 isn't allready there cuz is a old render, but i add it for be more fun, is like a red light and a green light in the machine and that interact with the animation.

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