My first Live Action short Film

Hi there! well friends i'm here to show my final project of the class of AudioVisual techincs at university! well this film was made in less than one week, the team was 4 guys and we write directed, acting, recording and do all the stuff!
I'm the guy in Black with the mob sunglasses, with a funny run cycle, ( i was so nervous who i can't do nothing normally haha, when i see the way i'm running i just start to laugh a lot)! The most fun part was when we are doing the car scene (when the boy is inside the car bag, and ear some gun shots, and our teacher of the class appear of the nothing :|, was almost 2:00 A.M and we are in the most strange place of the city! and we said, Hi teacher! and he said well i'm here to see how the movie is going on! and we just start to laugh all together!

good things of this project!
- team work!
-Nice mark ( we got a 18), 0-20
-well we learn a lot of film making and the importance of Pre-production and story telling, and the storyboarrdd is got damm it IMPORTANT for we know which camera we gonna use!

Bad things:
- We don't have lot of time for post-production
-We don't work pretty well in colour correction! (don't exist)
- We don't have the best material to work


Chirstian Correia
Marcos Silva aka Masd
Juliano Guimarães
Ricardo Alburquerque

My role was, acting, post-production, and a little of directing

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