Hello Dad at Uframe

i really din't know about this look the date! 8september 2010! and only today i discovered about my group short film is running at Uframe Film Festival.



it's oficially done and delivered.

the diorama project is closed.. and now all my forces are for a new project this time for the web!
well there is 2 characther in de scene, the blue Orc is from my friend Maria and that kind of Elf is mine.. well for sure the elf is the best thing in there.. but i spend much more time in the scenary! i was in love with it!



well this is almost 90% done, don't is like i wish but.. the deadline is to closer for i spend more time in this. Now i have to correct the topology of a 3d caracther and do the rigging and pose it.


it's closer?

well another of Diorama.. really so many days in front of this.. a need a rest of 3d!
but anyway.. it's not so far from the begining sketch ahah..

cheers! and now after create all the text. i will do the lightning and render on my friend's juliano QUAD.. my DUAL core doesn't are so friend of this project. it only just crash but sometimes it shut's down.. and i slap my face and trie to remeber " did i save it??"


Caffeine Abuse

need help (like me) in XSI (a obivious non friendly 3d application ahah)..

Ola Madsen
is an XSI expert and have this incredible Blog with some really awesome tutorials who can help us.

Caffeine Abuse Blog
check it!


day3... using hair!!

yess i used hair for the grass! creepy but cool!
i hope tomorrow i finish all the modeling.. and start to serious texturing and Lightning this!



well i finished this day with all the tree's done!

Thanks to Samuel for borrow to me his TFT screen! 2 monitors helps alot!

treee.. 3d.

I spend almost all day for doing this!!! anyway i like it!
this is the tree from diorama concept i made. today i will modeling the rest and make UVVVVV's!

and finally i started to use NOrmal Maps in XSI