Hello Dad Short Films new Poster's

i didn't post for a while about the project Hello Dad but here are some concept art's who i turned into Poster's for later give to teacher friends and friend's!


Mr. furry in AE

i was doing an classical animation exercise, well not so much classical because i did it in AE, but the goal was make a "cool" walkcicle and well let's try do it in After effect's! after i did it i just start to playing around AE simulation effects and i use CC_HAIR in the walk cicle i created and just remind ow this look's like that MTV spot from Realise (London, UK) ahah and i did my one but in AE not 3d software.

Hello dad, THE BLOG

finally The short Film hello Dad runs a Blog!! a production blog where i and my team will been posting news and progress of our project!

stay connected and follow us in http://hellodad-shortfilm.blogspot.com/


first draw at AUTODESK Sketchbook Pro

normally i use ilot Autodesk Sketchbook Pro for the base of my Digital Drawing's. I really like photoshop but this particular program (SBP) is so easy to use and dont ask for so much computer memory as Photoshop, turns sketchbook pro my favourite program to sketch and paint for now, normally i use photoshop to texture and for lightning my drawing, in that way only photoshop hav the tools i need.I will let you guys with my first draw at sketchbook pro, the FIRST OF FIRST'S

and now other's examples not finished's as this.



last human body sketch i did. just used my memory and knowlegd about anatomy, no references,

Ow finally at home, i can't believe in it. 2weeks at my university town can make anyone crazy ahah. and home is so relaxing place to stay, with mom's love and my GF too incluinding my 15 years old brother ahah (who starting getting late at home, he started to date his girls ahha)

well i'm in home yey! will work too for my short film but relaxing is the most important for this days.


the power of Post-Production

EN: My friend André asked me about is last work, he asked for lighting & texture tips, and sure when i can help i do it for free.

PT: O meu amigo André pediu-me a opnião sobre o seu ultimo trabalho, mas relacionadamente com a luz e a textura, e claro sempre que eu posso ajudar faço isso degraça .

EN: I pickup is still. (we modeled all the stuff inside Maya 2009) and just make a 10 minutes post-production, no much and i also painted some shadowns and light's in the scene.

PT: eu peguei a still dele. (ele modelou todos os elementos dentro do Maya 2009) e fiz uma pos produção de 10 minutos, nada demais e tambem pintei algumas sombras e luzes na cena



this is one of my favourites but i made 4 examples with diferents mood's

Este é um dos meus favoritos mas eu fiz quadro exemplos de diferentes ambientes