Aulas de Voo ( FLIGHT CLASSES)


Rodrigo Kormann my "vimeo friend" just linked to me is last academic work an incredible tradicional Stop Motion! to me at these days, i'm so tired to seen all digital motion graphics and animation, when i watch something like this i just get owww this is incredible and i remeber its possible to do good stuff outside of your PC or MAC.

check Rodrigo's work!



i had been invited to TEDx in my hometown in Aveiro. it was yesterday and was great! alot of people, awesome talk's! Just the way of such great events should be!

here is the link http://www.tedxyouthaveiro.com/

Thanks to DREAMLAB STUDIO for the freepass!

i also let here the video made by dreamlab for TEDx it was selectioned for make part of the universal TEDx video annoucement!!!


hello! another full week without posting a smile...
life is getting hard everyday in my life.. alot of must to do things! and school is getting very stressfull, some works i just can justify why they are asking for that, and i believe they can explain why too.. but i'm tired to rush about that.. life is going on! i let here a archer women i'm drawing for a char. design class at university... this char. is a out of time for the exercise but i'm getting in love with it so i'm working on it...



finally an weekend!!

just let here a little face sketch who i did, until i was waiting for my friend at house.