Old vector work's

Hi friends! well doing some clean in my external HD i findo some of my old work, i really love them, a lot of hard work and some of them make me proud! i would like to show to you!

This one is a grandient mesh i made it for my GF, one of their gift's in their Birthday

This characthers was made a long time ago but damn it! i still love them today! really inspiring!

This was a recycle of one of my Academic works at university, i vector my own face and we have to trie to make it more realistic possible! well almost everybody made a gradient Mesh or something! But i never want to be more one, and i used the blend techinique to make shadowns and lights well result good!
I think i made this one in my second year at high School, i really like it very cute and coloured piece

Great Old times!
I hope you enjoy my friends! Thank you All

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