so i said yesterday today i started to make the live action part of my project, and well don't work so well the weather isn't good, was raining and the light was a crap, i was recording in my living room when is most iluminated part of my house and well, don't work well, the video get some noise (light problems) and cromakey doesn't work so weel. was kind of boring, i tried to make it anyways spend like 5 hours on that with my brother who helped me alot, incluinding my Momy (My favorite artist :) the miss you teach me to draw), for in the final, check it and see nothing is good to work....

i will post some photos here of the scenary i mounted in my living room.

So now i will wait to tomorrow to see how the weather will be for record again, today i will just correct some erros of animations and mount some graphics in AE.

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