just to say hi!

Hi friends!

First i want to say thank you to all the suport of my blog vieweres! its really great see how many people see my blog and where they are from! So many countries so many cultures its so great! Thank you All!

Well i will come back with a new MotionGraphics Personal Project! yeah the final one for the Hollydays! i spend lots of time thinking in a new idea new concept! really i don't make nothing since my old project " 21"! But this one is kind a special, it will be the to get my really attention and i will trie make it much better than the old ones motion, well the old ones help me alot to understand AE, all of them help me learning a new thing! and well i feel prepared to do something great!

The theme and name is " Creativity Process" i will trie do make a "cool Shit"

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