hi there!

hello my fellas Artist's, Designer's, illustrators, and humans. Masd is back!, sorry for don't post for a while, but well i don't have internet yet, just for the next month.

Well, in this weekend i was in Animatu "International Animation Festival" and was really great! a lot of interesting people from animation and film industrie, was very great! lot's of talk's about animation, meetings of the Studios and school's! and in the night was really Wow, all the people "director's, teachers, Artist's, designer's and all the people of the creative industrie together for a couple of beer's and watch some demoscenes from that crazy programmers from demoscenes

i also used a Wacom Cintiq! YES A CINTIQ!

That's is me sketching, i want one like that! The Stand where the Cintiq was is from Odd School

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auri disse...

tens uma sorte :p menino bonitooo *