Português na Pixar! soa a esperançã não?

enquanto tava deitado no meu sofa numa bela noite de Domingo após terem acabado os simpsons achei bom mudar pra Sic para ver um pouco das tragédias do Mundo no Jornal da Noite.. entre que me dou com o anuncio do filme UP! que ja tinha sido anuciado em janeiro nos Estados Unidos e que falei várias vezes com colegas sobre. e nunca ninguem sabia de nada ( o que sera que eles procuram na net hein?ou blogs que frequentam) bem Gente vai sair o UP! no cinema em portugal nos Estados Unidos a versão Blue ray ja deve tar em Plantinum ( hahaha) .... Bem voltado ao titulo, parte da equipa de Iluminação do filme é Alfonso Salcedo, Português, zona do Porto ( aqui no norte huum só bom material ) MAS! atenção não fiquem nossa.. ( eu sei a minha esperança tambem aumentou bastante ) ele não estudou em Portugal, fez licenciatura e Mestrado na terra do Mr. Bean, para quem não sabe e acredito qe alguns não saibam (Inglaterra) Já Participou em vários filmes, como VFX artist e Lighter.. e encontrei uma entrevista dele um pouco antiga siim.. mas da para saberem mais sobre ele! espero que gostem.. Obrigado!

D3: Hello Afonso. First off, we want to thank you for taking the time to talk with us.

Afonso: No problem. I am glad to talk to you guys!

D3: How about we start off with a brief history of your career and what inspired you to get into 3D.

Afonso: First time I fell in love with 3D graphics was when I watched The Abyss ages ago. By then, I really had no idea I would later actually pursue that passion... I decided to study Computer Science so when I was old enough to live on my own I moved out of Portugal and ended up completing both my undergrad and masters degree in the UK. I tend to follow my intuition a lot and really strive to do something that I truly love. When I finished my Masters degree I instantly knew I didn't want to work in IT. After looking around for a few months for CG schools where I could specialize in 3D and Visual Effects I found Escape Studios had just began a quick intensive course on Maya.

I was hooked. A few months later I got landed a job at Framestore CFC, where I was part of the VFX crew of a few movies, most notably Troy. Awesome experience, but after living for six years in London I just felt I had to change so I flew back to my roots in San Francisco, again, without knowing much what I was going to do. And here I am.

D3: Can you tell us how is your average day at Pixar?

Afonso: In no particular order it involves: work, breakfast, tea breaks, lunch, swimming and speeding around with my xootr trying not to run over people.

D3: Apart from PIXAR what other projects have you worked on and what was the most enjoyable so far?

Afonso: The project I am working now on is by far the most enjoyable. The movie Troy, having been my first proper experience in big-budget visual effects movie production will always hold a fond memory in me. I also worked on Harry Potter 3, Thunderbirds and so many little things... like a German music video, an English music video that I have yet to see, being senior compositor on a movie production that I just found out evaporated in the meantime, working as a photographer from time to time, etc etc...

D3: Overall do you happen to remember any task that has been
specially hard to solve?

Afonso: I remember once on Troy, Friday night already... We had this thing where everyone gathered around the bar in the basement drinking wine and beer. Well, I had my glass of wine with me when I got called to go upstairs help out one of the senior TDs developing a python script to interact with the proprietary crowd simulation system we had in place. It's not easy programming after a couple of wine glasses, but I managed, it worked and an hour or so after I started he had everything completed thanks to my script.

D3: Whats you're favorite CG movie/caracter?

Afonso: The Incredibles or Finding Nemo. I identify myself with Dory due to my limited memory, but Edna is also really amazing Smile

D3: What are/is your main sources of inspiration?

Afonso: Music. California. Art.

D3: What software did you use when you first began developing your digital art and what are you using now and why?

Afonso: First time I ever did a 3D primitive was with Infini-D. My life was never the same since then. Now I use a ton of Apple Shake and I've only used Alias Maya for 3D work.

D3: What plans do you have for the future?

Afonso: I will probably hold my first photography gallery exhibition later in the year. I am extremely excited about it. Apart from that, just enjoy life. You never know what might happen Smile

D3: Were you always interested in 3D as a youngster or did that develop later in life?

Afonso: It has always been in the back of my mind, but only started really developing into a passion when I had my Computer Vision and Computer Graphics course while doing my undergrad degree.

D3: What advice would you give to those who are now getting started in the world of 3D?

Afonso: Trust me, only do this if you LOVE it. Be prepared to work amazing hours to get your reel done, to get called for interviews, to get anywhere. Be prepared to work for free to get more experience and trust from people in the industry. It really is tough out there. It's an extremely competitive market, but it's all worth it. I simply love what I do and I am always happy to go to work every day. That's the most amazing feeling in the world. Work hard, play hard. Be your best and never give up.

D3: Any other advice you'd like to give new artist beginning their career in Digital Arts and Animation? ie. things to avoid, steps to take and how to accomplish their basic goals...

Afonso: Don't be afraid to talk. Everyone starts at the bottom and everyone who's in the industry knows that. There are a billion forums online, such as yours, where people of all levels can help each other out. It's how you grow as an artist in this fast changing world. Always be ready to study new techniques and methods. The software is constantly changing, the technology even more so. If you can't keep up, it will be hard in the long run Wink

D3: Thank you so much for taking the time and by allowing us to learn more about you and your work! Looking forward to seeing more of it! Thank you!

Afonso: Thank you! I appreciate your time and I hope to see more artists from Portugal working in the Industry. I believe there's a great potential in your Country and I hope to see more from it soon.

Agradecemos à Pixar pela autorização concedida e à disponibilidade de tempo do Afonso para esta entrevista.

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