i there my fellows!

well i dnt update this for a long time, but well today is a good day for no reason apparently.. but well i wakeup 3:00Pm take classes 6pm to 8pm, sounds great and lazy but well i'm working since i arrived home and still on that!
so i bring today some project's of school!
this is kind a storyboard for my project of class of AE. teacher ask for us to make an animation with the 3principles of animation!, Antecipation, Exageration and FollowThroug. Well that's kind a easy and simple but well i want to trie make something eyecandy*

My 5*second project Airplane ( you can see in my last post's) is kind running of.. alot of techinical problems and this is kind a collab. with Kizay and well he got is stuff to do and that's why it's taking so long.

Maybe i will stop a little in this project's beacause i got some linetest to do at school (classical animation) And got some freelance work for do, for my clientele ( i think i can say that) i'm helping my girlfriend to in a Freelance work for a Hair Studio in Venezuela, my girl is making a Giant Billboard ( 1m x 6m )
Keep rocking my Star*

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