Hello mates!

How was it going?
i'm so active these days, well this 2 past moths i guess.

That has a reason! the first is..

I joined forces with Dreamlab Studio! and have the pleasure to work, in such a nice place, with incredible people around!! I worked in a few project's as mainly graphic Artist and Pitch/Storyboard.. was incredible, for me i don't leave it so fast.. but school begins again.

3 year of my graduation.. and now is 3d all the year! "yeah some tridimensional work is come, finally Marcos"

isn't the first time i work in 3d, for real i started to work in 3d in 1ºyear, of my graduation maybe in the first week ahah... but just leave it.. ahah dedicated my year to design and bidimensional stuff..

But my interest for 3d was growing.. like watching so many Incredible VFX shoots in movies.. so many awesome! Characthers animation with so much espirit, (not just moving) well this start to get my attetion, my serious attention!!! and 3d compositing OMG those guys who work with NUKE, those guys rock's! and MARI?? what tha hell foundry team are eating?? i what that too!


I'm seriously back.. with new 3dstuff i hope! and 2d sketches, and stuff, i'm still working on.. in 2d.. you know animation take's time.. doesn't matter if is 2d/3d


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