in Stash fav's!


Just awesome! my last Motion Design work, just give so much pleasure to do and so much personal rewards! I really in to make other one. Just can't wait. When i posted my work on Vimeo, gosh so much communities added my work to their's group and awesome designer's added their favourites, but the thing who impressed more was Stash Magazine ( for the people who don't know, is one of the best magazines who publish news and work about motion graphics/design/Visual effect's/cinema) added my video to theirs fav's too, i'm together in their's fav's with Garuda (last animation from Gobelins Students and other gorgeus work's.)

Just for update too, i passed in Photografy class! yeaaaah finally, i failed last year and re-made the class again this year and passed! And my Project give me the best Mark in all class! i got an 19 (0-20)

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