Today 10

this is the most long day i passed in this hollydays, and was awesome! meet old friends from High School and see and ear how they r doing! They are doing so greaaat in their carrers and dreams! i really f*ck happy for this guys! And Zim ( a french guy who i continue calling him german) God this mate are so f*ckin goood! and we corse shared alot of ideas about what we could do together (ho yeah) ! Ho for god, sorry, i forget to tell what they doing, Zim ( Thomas Charles Zimmermann) is a Music Producer and Editor! (fuckin awesome for real) got clients like MTV Portugal, and work in varios Music Studios and do interviews for TV (yeaaah my friends appear in Television ahha). And Mike the other guy! after graduating in SOUND @ RESTART in Portugal opened his own Record and edition Studio called by me "sinners" ahah but the real name is SINE FACTORY.
This Photo is Zim in Mike house where SINE FACTORY runs!

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