last work process

for some curious minds i will upload the process behinde my last work, not big deal really, for sure i can't make such big deal in my 3 time using cinema 4d

here comes the photos and some explain of the process.

in cinema 4d ( my 3rd experience) i made spheres and cubes, used mograph cloner object to get more and more as i wich, after that used mograph radomize (i don't know if its right) and radomize all the position of the balls and cube in space. when i get how i can animate it using mograph again with solid and rigid bodys i made a plane for the spheres and cubes had something to stop them falling.
For the lighting well, i closed up the standart lightning who cinema gots, and used a sky light with HDRI material in is luminance. For the spheres and cubes material just simple colours and some reflection on that i used some specifique reflection for be more, you know, more real maybe. and Turn on the Global illumination in the render and used livel 4 for antialising, HDRI ilumination sometimes crap it all and antialising will help you with that. (and turn your render time lonnngeer) after that render was waiting for me. 7hours and half. and for real gooood crappy render. but in after effects is where all the magic happens.

In after effects! god i love this tool, so after rendered it all was time for some newbie post production ahah, not so much thing i just changed the curves and turn up blues and mixing the RGB's channels i got the result i wanted. also added some lens flare, results good for me. and well rendered it in MOV. in MP4 compaction.

Render from Cinema 4d

Post-production in After Effect's

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